About Us
MR InfraAuto pursues the best technology and high quality.
MR InfraAuto
Main office & Factory
Jincheon Factory (Headquarters)
We relocated the headquarters to Jincheon in July 2018 to maximize company-wide sales activities and efficient management and have a geographical advantage with major domestic customers which laid the foundation for our company to begin bigger businesses and advance.
  • Address 32, Sansusandan 1-ro, Deoksan-eup, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do, Republic of Korea
  • Phone +82-43-539-5300
  • E-mail sales@infraauto.com
China Branch
POS-InfraAuto was established to supply fine blanking products to customers in Shanghai as a joint venture with POSCO-CSPC.
The main products are transmission parts and air conditioning system parts, and a small number of employees from the headquarters are dispatched there. It is a factory that will become the foundation to take on the challenge in the big market of China.
  • Address 161 Xincui RD, Huaqiao, Kunshan, Jiangsu
  • Phone +86-512-5511-7570
  • E-mail sales@infraauto.com