Sustainable Management
We will become the best partner with the elevated fine blanking technology.
Quality Policy
Our quality policy was established to provide products
and services that satisfy customers’ expectations and requirements
Fulfilling 3CS
We strive to fulfill customer satisfaction, cost saving, and clean & safety by providing safe products and services in a timely manner that satisfy the regulations and customers’ expectations and requirements while recognizing that customers are the foundation of the company.
Customer Satisfaction
MR InfraAuto will always listen to the voices of customers for customer satisfaction.
Cost Saving
We will create trust and satisfaction of customers with our reasonable product prices and the best quality.
Clean & Safety
MR InfraAuto always pursues a clean environment and safe work environment that considers people and the environment.
Compliance with Responsibilities and Authority

All employees of a company must understand the quality policy and establish and fulfill specific quality goals to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
Thus, all employees of MR InfraAuto must understand and comply with the quality management system and responsible employees of each organization must comply with the stipulated responsibilities and authorities for de facto implementation of the quality management system.