Sustainable Management
We will become the best partner with the elevated fine blanking technology.
Environmental Policy
We establish an environmental management system that accords with ISO14001 requirements to reduce the effects of every organization’s activities, products, and services on the environment by carrying out social responsibilities for the environment across the management activities of the company.
Pollution Prevention & Environmental Protection
  • - Prioritize environmental aspects in inspecting the operation of the environmental management system and management activities
  • - Continuous environmental improvement and prevention of environmental pollution by saving energy and resources and encouraging recycling
Continuous Improvement for Compliance with Related Laws and Enhance Eco-friendliness
  • - Compliance with environmental laws and other required standards
  • - Establishment and implementation of the action plan for environmental goals and achievement of goals
Ecofriendly Corporate Management by Forming Consensus on Environmental Management and Voluntary Participation

We strive for environmental preservation for the local community and stakeholders to enjoy affluent and healthy lives in a comfortable environment by diligently carrying out our work to achieve goals and providing education and training that involves the active participation of employees.