About Us
MR InfraAuto pursues the best technology and high quality.

A company that considers technologies · talents · and the environment!
MR InfraAuto Co., Ltd. will open ways.

MR InfraAuto Co., Ltd. Produces fine blanking products for automotive, electrical, electronic, and machine components that require high precision and functions and supply them to major automotive companies in Korea and overseas.

We practice customer-oriented quality management that fulfills our status and responsibilities as a leader in the industry through the 3CS (Customer Satisfaction, Cost Saving, Clean & Safety) campaign for endless innovation.

We will become the best company that satisfies the different demands of customers as a leading company in the industry with the best production capabilities and technologies more elevated than customers’ demands.

President Ham Do-heon

Customer Satisfaction
MR InfraAuto will always listen to the voices of customers for customer satisfaction.
Cost Saving
We will create trust and satisfaction of customers with our reasonable product prices and the best quality.
Clean & Safety
MR InfraAuto always pursues a clean environment and safe work environment that considers people and the environment.