Sustainable Management
We will become the best partner with the elevated fine blanking technology.
Management Policy
Our Vocation is to raise the level of cultivation and culture and to allow all humanity
to enjoy by contributing to the entire industry through the development
and supply of mass metal processing technology based on fine blanking.

Our Conviction


Through our best services, we provide high-quality products in a timely and accurate manner at reasonable prices.


We place value on people and cooperate for the common good, not just for our business.


We actively communicate to be truthful to everyone and provide fair opportunities to everyone.


We constantly refine our knowledge and technology for our members to develop and display their talents.


We strive for the development of our community and willingly fulfill every duty as a faithful servant.


We aid in achieving harmony in every part of our members’ lives by creating honest profit with competent management.

Our Vision

MR InfraAuto


Knowledge Provider
Process Leader
Responsible Corporate Citizen